Introducing Meridian — a fragrance that transcends the boundaries of ordinary scents. It’s not just a perfume; it’s a personal journey, an intimate exploration of vitality that breathes life into every moment.

Top: Cucumber, Lavender, Neroli,

Heart: Apple, Citrus, Melon, Musk, Rose

Base: Ambergris, Cedar, Coconut, Sandalwood, Tonka

Note Visualizer

Fragrance Concept

Named after the body’s vital energy, Meridian is more than a fragrance; it’s an uplifting elixir that invigorates the spirit and refreshes the senses. Picture the crisp morning air, the first rays of sunlight touching your skin—a sensation encapsulated in every spritz of Meridian.

At the heart of this perfume are the top notes of cucumber, lavender, and neroli. Imagine the cool embrace of a cucumber, the calming hues of lavender, and the vibrant burst of neroli—a symphony that unfolds with each application, a melody that resonates with your individual rhythm.

As Meridian evolves, the heart notes of apple, musk, and rose dance on your skin. Crisp apple sweetness entwines with the sultry allure of musk, while the velvety elegance of rose adds a floral sophistication. It’s a harmonious blend that mirrors the dynamic cadence of your life.

The base notes anchor Meridian in warmth and depth, a promise that lingers beneath the surface. Oceanic ambergris and woody cedar evoke a serene coastal retreat, while melon adds a touch of juicy sweetness. The grounding embrace of sandalwood and tonka, along with a subtle hint of coconut, invites you to connect with the timeless wisdom of ancient forests.

Embrace the vitality of life with Meridian. Immerse yourself in the symphony of freshness, sweetness, and warmth—a fragrance that speaks to your soul and leaves a trail of revitalized spirits wherever you go. Elevate your senses, embrace your meridian.


In the enchanting town of Zenith, a person named Meridian lived a life woven with threads of trials and tribulations, akin to stories spun by the bards of old. Zenith, with its cobblestone streets and houses adorned with ivy, cradled secrets whispered through the ages.

Meridian, yearning for happiness like a character from a fable, embarked on a journey that mirrored the whimsical narratives of yore. 

In the embrace of a lover’s bed, Meridian thought they glimpsed the golden glow of happiness, only to find it disappearing like morning dew. The bright lights of the city dazzled them, but the enchantment faded with each passing day. In the quiet of the mountains and the vastness of the countryside, solace was sought, yet happiness remained a capricious enchantment.

During a moment of reflection beneath the ancient Wisdom Tree in Zenith, Meridian had an epiphany. Happiness was not an external treasure but a whimsical spirit that danced within the heart. They realized that they had been searching for an external charm when, in fact, the magic had always resided within themselves.

With this newfound understanding, Meridian discovered that happiness was not a fixed fairy tale ending but a dynamic state nurtured from within. As they embraced this inner enchantment, they found themselves not only content but also wise.

In the magical realm of self-discovery, Meridian understood that wisdom, like happiness, could only be harnessed and shared by someone being their authentic self. Perception, they realized, was a fantastical mirror that reflected the soul when in balance. It was only in the harmony of heart and mind that they could navigate the enchanting landscape of life in Zenith—a town where fables came to life, and every twist and turn held the potential for a happily ever after.