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Request for Information from Scentuality

Dear Valued Customer,

In order to proceed with our Cosmetic Compliance Essentials Package, we kindly request the following information from you:

  1. Product Formula: Please provide us with the detailed formula of your cosmetic product.
  2. SDS Sheets for Each Raw Material: Supply Safety Data Sheets for every raw material used in your product formula.
  3. IFRA Certificates for Each Raw Material: Furnish IFRA Certificates for each raw material utilized in your product formulation.
  4. Your Company Logo and Address: Share your company logo and official address for inclusion in the compliance documentation.

Please note that SDS sheets and IFRA certificates for raw materials can be obtained from your suppliers upon request. Once the purchase is completed, you can expect to receive an email from us, including a non-disclosure agreement for your review and signature. Upon completion of this document, we will require the relevant documents and information from you.

Kindly be advised that our service typically takes about 1 week to complete, although this timeline may vary depending on demand. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to assisting you in achieving cosmetic compliance excellence.

Should you have any queries or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to Utilize:

  1. Secure your IFRA Certificate via our online store.
  2. Wait for the Non Disclosure Agreement to arrive via email.
  3. Send the relevant documents as listed above.
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Our Cosmetic Compliance Essentials Package is designed to provide comprehensive support to cosmetic product manufacturers by ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards. For a competitive price of 150 Euro plus VAT, this package includes the following essential services:

  1. IFRA Certification: Verification of compliance with the International Fragrance Association standards to ensure the safety and quality of fragrance ingredients used in your cosmetic products.
  2. Safety Data Sheet (SDS): Detailed documentation outlining the safety information and handling procedures for the chemicals and substances used in your cosmetic formulations.
  3. Allergen Analysis: Identification and analysis of potential allergens present in your cosmetic products to help you make informed decisions and ensure consumer safety.
  4. CLP Label Information: Assistance in creating compliant CLP (Classification, Labelling, and Packaging) labels for your cosmetic products, in accordance with EU regulations.

By availing our Cosmetic Compliance Essentials Package, you can have peace of mind knowing that your products meet regulatory requirements and prioritize consumer safety. Let us help you navigate the complex landscape of cosmetic compliance so you can focus on growing your business with confidence.

The price is VAT inclusive  – 150 Euro plus 19% VAT


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