Noir Veil


“Noir Veil” – A Perfume of Mystery and Sensuality
In the heart of the city, where shadows and secrets entwine, there lies a fragrance that embodies the enigmatic allure of the night. “Noir Veil” is a perfume born from the essence of darkness and the elegance of secrecy, an olfactory journey that takes you beyond the surface and into the depths of sensuality.

A leather fragrance with stand out notes of Hay, Jasmine, Orris and Vanilla

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Fragrance Concept

“At its heart, “Noir Veil” is a composition that pays homage to the smooth, suave, and subtly animalic qualities. The prominent leather accord wraps around you like a velvet glove, its texture and depth evoking the concealed corners of a world yet to be ventured. Intertwined with this luxurious leather, jasmine blossoms offer their intoxicating allure, weaving a fragrant tapestry of sensuality and mystery. Vanilla contributes a creamy sweetness, akin to a seductive caress that beckons you with every inhalation. The hay notes introduce an earthy touch, grounding you in the enigmatic essence of the night, while the orris accord, like a closely guarded secret beneath a delicate veil, imparts an elusive elegance.”

The name “Noir Veil” embodies the very essence of this fragrance. “Noir,” the French word for black, represents the depths of the night, the hidden desires, and the seductive mysteries that await in the darkness. “Veil” symbolizes the allure of secrecy, the tantalizing allure of the unknown, and the delicate concealment of one’s true self.

Wearing “Noir Veil” is like adorning oneself with a cloak of intrigue. It’s a scent that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to explore the sensual realms of the night. With each spray, you are enveloped in the smooth embrace of leather, the creamy sweetness of vanilla, the earthy whispers of hay, and the elusive elegance of orris. “Noir Veil” is your secret weapon, your hidden charm, your invitation to step into the world of noir, where the veil conceals as much as it reveals.

As you wear “Noir Veil,” remember that allure lies not just in what is seen, but in what is hidden. Embrace the mystique, let the fragrance intertwine with your essence, and become a part of the intriguing story that is “Noir Veil.” In the world of darkness, let your allure shine through the veil of the night

Noir Veil” delves deeper into the essence of the shadow self, inviting you to explore the complexities of your inner desires and hidden facets. Just as the fragrance unveils its layers, from the dark leather to the creamy vanilla, it mirrors the layers of the human psyche. It’s a fragrance that resonates with the enigmatic side of your personality, embracing the duality within.