Introducing Ikarum: A Fragrance Inspired by a Mythical Flight

Ikarum is a mesmerizing fragrance that invites you to embark on a journey beyond the realms of imagination. Imagine a world where Icarus, the mythical figure, took flight but exercised caution, reveling in the warmth of the sun without pushing the boundaries that would lead to his demise. Instead, he gracefully glided among the clouds, basking in the ethereal beauty before descending to the earth below.

Ikarum is a fragrance that transcends gender, enveloping the senses in a seductive blend of earthy notes infused with blushing berries, plum and rose tea, and the intoxicating essence of fruity red wine. It captures the essence of an otherworldly experience, where the elements harmonize to create an olfactory symphony of desire and intrigue.

The composition reaches its crescendo with the delicate interplay of tea, tobacco, and vanilla. These refined notes lend a soothing and comforting quality to the fragrance, evoking a moment of tranquility amidst the enchantment.

Ikarum is punctuated by the intriguing combination of plum, rose, and rosewood, weaving together a tapestry of floral allure. It mirrors the delicate balance between strength and vulnerability, creating an irresistible allure that captivates the senses.

Step into the world of Ikarum, where fantasy and reality coexist in perfect harmony. Experience the seductive journey, where the warmth of the sun and the mystique of the clouds intertwine to create a fragrance that embodies grace, desire, and a touch of enigmatic mystery.

At Scentuality, our independent perfume brand, Ikarum holds a special place as one of our favorite creations. This exquisite fragrance captures the essence of our brand philosophy, embodying the delicate balance between ambition and humility. With its unique blend of citrusy notes, earthy undertones, and a touch of wax, Ikarum has become a beloved scent that encapsulates the spirit of our brand and resonates with those seeking an olfactory experience that reflects the beauty of moderation and self-awareness.

Ikarum is now available in 30ml bottles, perfectly sized to accompany you on your everyday adventures. Its compact design makes it ideal for slipping into your bag or pocket, ensuring you can indulge in its luxurious scent whenever and wherever you desire.

The opening of Ikarum tantalizes with the alluring combination of White Wormwood, Cypress, and a bright burst of lemon. These notes intertwine, enveloping you in an intoxicating waxy nuance that embodies the discernable note of eros. It sets the stage for a journey filled with passion and allure.

As the fragrance unfolds, the captivating heart reveals the warm embrace of cedar, musk, oakmoss, and oud, forming the foundation of Ikarum. These earthy elements add depth and sensuality, evoking a sense of grounded elegance and enchantment.

Main Notes


The story of Icarus teaches us the value of moderation, self-awareness, and the understanding that even the most audacious dreams must be pursued with caution and respect for the boundaries set by nature and experience. Our perfume ‘Ikarum’ is the embodiment of this profound moral lesson.

‘Ikarum’ fragrance captures the essence of ambition, freedom, and the allure of reaching new heights. Just like Icarus himself, the scent exudes a sense of exhilaration and boundless potential. It begins with a delicate balance of citrusy notes that represent the joy and optimism found in pursuing our dreams. The invigorating blend of bergamot and mandarin energizes the spirit, encouraging us to embrace our aspirations.

However, ‘Ikarum’ also serves as a reminder that true success lies in maintaining self-awareness and humility. As the fragrance develops, the intensity of the citrus gives way to a warm and grounding heart of earthy vetiver and aromatic sage. These elements symbolize the importance of being mindful of our limitations, honoring the wisdom of those who came before us, and respecting the boundaries set by nature and experience.

The final notes of ‘Ikarum’ reveal a subtle touch of wax, reminiscent of the wings that propelled Icarus towards his fate. It serves as a gentle reminder that while we should dare to dream and explore our potential, we must always exercise caution and avoid the perils of hubris.

With its balanced composition, ‘Ikarum’ perfume invites us to embrace our ambitions and reach for the sky, while tempering our pursuit with humility and prudence. It serves as a fragrant reminder that even the most audacious dreams can be pursued with caution, respect, and an unwavering commitment to self-awareness.