Nag Champa


  • Champaca Flowers: At the heart of Nag Champa is the champaca flower, also known as Nag Champa. This fragrant bloom imparts a sweet, exotic, and slightly fruity aroma that is both captivating and soothing.

  • Sandalwood: Providing a warm, creamy base, sandalwood adds depth and richness to the fragrance. Its soft, woody notes complement the sweetness of the champaca flowers, creating a balanced and harmonious scent.

  • Resins: Various natural resins, such as benzoin and halmaddi, contribute to the incense’s characteristic smooth and slightly balsamic undertone. These resins help to stabilize the fragrance and enhance its longevity.

  • Spices: A subtle hint of spices, including cloves and cinnamon, adds an intriguing layer of complexity. These spicy notes bring a touch of warmth and exoticism, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

  • Earthy Notes: A grounding base of earthy elements, often derived from patchouli and vetiver, gives the incense a solid foundation. These notes evoke a sense of connection to nature and the earth.

  • Floral Accents: In addition to champaca, other floral components like jasmine and rose may be present, adding further dimensions of sweetness and elegance to the fragrance.

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Fragrance Concept

Nag Champa incense is one of the most beloved and widely recognized scents in the world of aromatics. Originating from India, this iconic fragrance is crafted from a unique blend of natural ingredients, including the flowers of the champaca tree (Michelia champaca), sandalwood, and various spices and resins. The champaca flower, also known as Nag Champa, is revered for its sweet, exotic aroma, which forms the heart of this captivating scent.

The incense is traditionally used in spiritual practices, meditation, and yoga due to its calming and grounding properties. When burned, Nag Champa releases a rich, warm, and slightly sweet fragrance that envelops the senses, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and introspection. Its complex aroma profile features hints of earthiness, floral sweetness, and a touch of spice, making it a perfect companion for relaxation and spiritual exploration.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your meditation practice, purify your living space, or simply enjoy the soothing fragrance, Nag Champa incense provides a sensory experience that is both timeless and deeply enriching.

Now, for women, this fragrance embodies a celebration of strength and femininity intertwined. Noble Rouge Femme is a fragrance of primal accents, a controlled wildness that speaks of fervor, fertility, and sensuality. It is the essence of a woman who knows her power, who embraces her wild side with grace and confidence.
The scent begins with a spicy floral bouquet, a tantalizing blend of exotic spices and delicate blooms. This initial impression is bold and daring, a reflection of the fiery passion that burns within. It is a fragrance that commands attention, drawing you into its seductive embrace.
As the scent settles, a rich and sensual base emerges, woven with notes of woody amber, musk, and tonka. These warm and grounding essences envelop you in a cocoon of comfort, a reminder of the strength that lies within. It is the scent of resilience and passion, a reminder that femininity is a force to be reckoned with.
Noble Rouge Femme is a fragrance that speaks of inner fire and unbridled passion. It is for the woman who knows her worth, who embraces her sensuality with confidence and grace. With each spray, it is a celebration of femininity in all its wild and untamed glory—a scent that ignites the senses and leaves a trail of allure in its wake.