Muskiness of Fur

“No one brought this idea better to light than Henry Miller, who dared to break the code of silence about what Baudelaire called “the muskiness of fur”—that is, the seductive smell of a woman’s genitals. “With the refinements that come from maturity the smells [of childhood] faded out, to be replaced by only one other distinctly memorable, distinctly pleasurable smell—the odour of the cunt. More particularly the odour that lingers on the fingers after playing with a woman, for if it has not been noticed before, this smell is more enjoyable, perhaps because it already carries the perfume of the past tense, than the odour of the cunt itself.” Mandy Aftel


Hedione is a sweet, soft magnolia and jasmine scent with some citrus and vanilla aspects.

In a German study, researchers found that Hedione activated the vomeronasal receptor, contrary to the idea that this organ is inactive in humans. It was observed that Hedione stimulated the part of the brain responsible for the liberation of sexual hormones. It was also noted that it had the greatest effect on women.

Hedione is from the Greek word ‘Hedone’ meaning pleasure. Also known as Dihydrojasmonate. It is a unique material with unrivalled elegance and a profoundly refined beauty parallel maybe only to Iso E Super in terms of its effect on people.

Iso E Super is another Aroma Chemical which is said to have pheromone-like qualities. It has a light Cedarwood smell with a touch of citrus thrown into the mix. It’s sweet, musky and masculine. On the skin, it has an interesting alchemical effect of ‘coming and going’. When it is present, it radiates a warm velvet aura around the body often described as a ‘fuzziness’. It is this ‘fuzz’ which attracts attention. Many note that the fragrance of Iso E Super smells specifically like fresh, clean skin.

There is a commercial perfume supposedly based solely on this chemical called ‘Molecule One‘. Following some advice from Chris Bartlett on the Basenotes Forums, I made a version of it, and I have to say I love the smell of Iso E Super on my skin. It makes me attracted to myself although, I prefer Sylvamber, which is a similar material produced by a different manufacturer. Compared to Iso E Super, it has the highest proportion of the Gamma Isomer. It also focuses more on the amber side of things and less on the woody aspect, which I prefer. Other similar products include Timbersilk and Kephalis.

Iso E Super